June 23, 2020

Haley & Noah

WOW! I had so fun taking engagement photos for Haley and Noah yesterday! First off, they are a freaking adorable couple. Second, we went on a pretty epic adventure around their wedding venue, Grover Ranch (which was BEAUTIFUL), and they graciously did all of the crazy things I asked them too while laughing and joking around the entire time. Haley even braved the FREEZING weather without a jacket, and Noah warmed her up between different photos (which was adorable).

One of my favorite moments though was how hard we all laughed when, near the end of our adventure, my fingers were so frozen that I took like fifty repeat photos in a row simply because I couldn’t get my finger to move off of the shutter button. #thestruggle

LONG STORT SHORT….Haley and Noah’s love for each other was so evident in every photo and I loved going back through each of these photos and remembering how much fun we had together!

I also seriously can’t wait for their wedding in November ❤️😍

Thank you Haley and Noah for letting me tag along with you on this mini adventure with you and capture some beautiful moments of your love story along the way!